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Dianaya  art painting
Dianaya  art painting
Dianaya  art painting

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Despite the apparent simplicity of Dianaya's artwork the mental process behind is very intense, immersing herself in a very intimate world where a mix of strong feelings, developed and carried along her life, fight to come out. The final result will most likely reveal some darkness and tenderness that emerges from a over perceptive, sensitive and therefore in some cases, uneasy mind.

In the Spaniard’s work the bull has a predominant presence but it does not always just represent this majestic animal, it also symbolizes every living being but the human.


Dianaya's painting process takes off with a set of random lines until there is a combination of lines that suggests an image in the artist's mind. Those lines are then emphasized, and stylized, rescuing a hidden figure by bringing it to the surface; giving meaning to the original lines.

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