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Dianaya  art painting
Dianaya  art painting
Dianaya  art painting

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CONCEPT BEHIND combining 3 elements: 

​1 -Painting: Bull

-Tassels (red): tassels are a classic element in some shoes and by incorporating them to the bull's back they add meaning to the composition (blood/harm) while integrating the painting to the shoe.

-Del Toro's signature red band at the back of the shoe: the red band becomes symbolic of prohibition when brought to the front at a diagonal angle and placed across the bull.

​Collaboration with Del Toro shoes.


Art Basel Miami 2012 party and store inauguration. 



For size reference only

Not actual colors



@Wynwood,  Miami. FL


 ...Product/81 and South Florida Ford combined forces with 13 well-known Miami artists for a commemorative event: Rebuilding Japan: One Year Later to help shed light on the matter and raise funds for the still stricken nation. (2012)

All of the limited edition posters and original artwork were for sale during the event, and 100% of the proceeds went to the Japanese Red Cross.



The message behind this composition is a reflection of the artist's stance on not only bullfights, but cruelty to animals in general. And that was the source of inspiration.

A hoof print painted in the sole stands for "put yourself in their shoes"

del toro shoes art
dianaya vegan art

Dianaya with dear friend and artist Pablo Carreño, a big hearted and trouble maker fellow with a long and prolific career. Although Dianaya works in a very private and secluded environment she very sporadically visits Pablo's studio to work simultaneously next to the truly talented, entering a world that few can experience.

Dianaya & Pablo Carreno
Dianaya & Pablo Carreno
Dianaya & Pablo Carreno
Dianaya & Pablo Carreno
wynwood mural Dianaya
wynwood mural Dianaya
wynwood mural Dianaya
wynwood mural Dianaya
wynwood mural Dianaya
Dianaya Ford motors art
Dianaya Ford motors art

Interested galleries, art event organizers, and/or art reps

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Despite the apparent simplicity of Dianaya's artwork the mental process behind is very intense, immersing herself in a very intimate world where a mix of strong feelings, developed and carried along her life, fight to come out. The final result will most likely reveal some darkness and tenderness that emerges from a over perceptive, sensitive and therefore in some cases, uneasy mind.

In the Spaniard’s work the bull has a predominant presence but it does not always just represent this majestic animal, it also symbolizes every living being but the human.


Dianaya's painting process takes off with a set of random lines until there is a combination of lines that suggests an image in the artist's mind. Those lines are then emphasized, and stylized, rescuing a hidden figure by bringing it to the surface; giving meaning to the original lines.

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