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dianaya art

Dianaya (Diana Ramirez Anaya) is a Spanish artist who feels fortunate to have been born in Ronda, Málaga (1979), although hostile to its legendary bullfighting ring. Her innate compassion for animals will three decades later be reflected in her paintings as strong complaints. Born in a family filled with artistically gifted relatives, (the most outstanding being Joaquín Peinado) she was exposed to painting, piano, violin, spanish guitar, flute, and flamenco. The Spaniard showed early interest and talent in painting, earning a first prize at age 3 at a national competition in Venezuela despite she had been accepted underage. But her times painting grew smaller as she grew older, vanishing for many years.

After living in different countries she established herself in Miami, where she graduated of Architecture at the University of Miami, becoming part of an innovative Miami architecture firm soon after. Being a member of the design team and taking lead on the graphic department, her creativity and perception of balance developed greatly.

It isn't until 2009 that she feels the strong impulse to paint again, always in the company of her loyal canine friend Lola. This new painting period embraces a process similar to the Rorschach test, in which the subconsciousness will determine the subject matter.

dianaya fashion

Born in a family with flamenco roots and the mix of influences from Southern Spain and Northern Africa, Dianaya's style results in an exotic, boho-chic, gypsy combination.


Now finally convinced by others to produce more than just the few pieces she designs for her own joy, Dianaya is hands on designing a very limited production of handcrafted fashion accessories of truly unique designs, consciously using animal friendly materials ONLY​.


Dianaya fashion accessories
dianaya art
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